"We want to empower youth to make a difference in the world--NOW."


In the summer of 2013, we delivered our first youth workshop to teens at Cypress Creek High School in Orlando, Florida, as part of a project for with The Coaches Training Institute’s Co-Active Leadership program. The workshop, which has now become a cornerstone of our services, was nothing short of magical. We were awestruck at witnessing the power of connecting youth to their inner leader and compelling purpose. The transformation and discovery that occurred in that single day convinced us that there was no better or more urgent mission than to dedicate our lives to bringing this experience to youth around the world.


We have since developed a 3-day experiential program that can be delivered in various forms and be customized to client needs. We've had the opportunity to test our programs with groups of young leaders in Orlando, Florida and La Paz, Bolivia. Participants--whether locally or internationally--continue to report finding meaning and purpose, an increased sense of self-confidence, and connecting to their leadership potential. As a result, they have a much better understanding of themselves and others, and are eager to become actively involved in their communities. 


To make this program available to all youth, especially those who are disadvantaged or need extra support, we saw the need to create a non-profit organization that would enable us to reach far and beyond.  Thus Volare Youth Leadership (VYL) was born and it officially received its 501©3 status in April 2014. Our commitment to youth is stronger than ever--we know they can make a difference.  With every emerging leader that finds a purpose, we are not only changing that life, but the lives of every human being that will live in the world that these young leaders will create in adulthood. The ripple effects are enormous.


VYL's parent organization, Volare Leadership International, LLC, donates 10% of all proceeds to support the work of Volare Youth Leaderhship. We also count on the support of foundations and individual donors to bring our program to as many developing youth as possible. Thank you for your support!


Regina Hellinger

Donna Milofsky

Isabella de Martin


Proud Founders of Volare Youth Leadership











To empower youth to step into authentic and compelling leadership and have them use this leadership through meaningful community service.  This service will involve youth exploring their personal passions, using their authentic strengths and character, and developing their emotional intellect while positively impacting their community. 




Our world will be transformed by empowering youth to act as leaders early in life, by acting confidently to serve their world and in turn create successful and fulfilling career paths for themselves.







Regina Hellinger
Executive Director
Donna Milofsky
Isabella de Martin



Sandra Olper
Facilitator and Coach
Michelle Maluwetig
Facilitator and China Liaison
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