"I want to enable youth to create the world they imagine."


Co-Founder, Coach and Facilitator


Donna is an expert in executive and emerging leader development. A highly sought after leadership coach and facilitator, she enables compelling leaders to transform organizations and create the fulfilling professional and personal lives we each deserve. Leaders who partner with Donna are propelled by truth-telling, down-to-earth humor, and leadership insight that accelerates transformation.


Donna brings 25 years of organization development experience in US healthcare and business and professional specialties of Co-Active leadership coaching, Leadership Circle development, and Myers Briggs gifts utilization to her clients. She holds professional certifications in each of these transformational development foundations and is an International Coaching Federation certified coach. 


Co-founding Volare Youth Leadership, Inc. in 2013, and now supporting Volare youth as a program facilitator and coach, Donna is thrilled to help young leaders discover their unique brands of leadership, and experience the opportunities they can create from brave choices available to them today.

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