"I want our young to know that they matter."

         ISABELLA de MARTIN 



Isabella spent most of her professional life working in international organizations in Washington DC. At the World Bank, she focused on community outreach, specializing in public relations and documentary filmmaking to raise awareness of global socio-economic issues, particularly education and poverty reduction. At the International Monetary Fund, she launched a career as an HR professional and executive coach. During her career at the IMF, she most enjoyed helping young professionals shape their careers and develop their full potential.


As the mother of three young adults who are already making a major positive impact in the world, Isabella believes in the power of unleashing and nurturing human potential early. This strong belief has led her to find yet another—and even more fulfilling—professional endeavor: co-founding Volare Youth Leadership to connect young people to what is important to them and the collective future, and to empower them to pursue their dreams with passion and determination. Her vision for Volare is to extend its work across borders and cultures to build an international community of leaders who create hope and sustainability in the world.


Born in Bolivia and educated in France and the U.S., Isabella holds an advance degree in Human Resources Management from American University and coaching certification from Georgetown University.


Languages: Spanish, English, and French.

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