"I believe that anything is possible."


Facilitator and China Liaison


Based in Shanghai, China, Michelle is passionate about Volare’s work because she believes that Volare instills a powerful sense of community in emerging young leaders and helps them build awareness of their potential.  As the youngest team member at Volare, Michelle is a good example of what is possible when you connect to purpose and find your own leadership voice early in life.


Michelle supports Volare's international work while in Shanghai, where she is Director of Operations at Cambio Coffee LLC, a start up that promotes business opportunities in China for small coffee growers from Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. 


Michelle’s professional background is in diplomacy, management, business development, marketing, and corporate communications. Before moving to China, she worked for the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, where she was an Alternate Canadian Representative to the Organization of American States.


A true global citizen, Michelle has lived and studied in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Latin America. She holds an advanced business degree from the University of Brisbane and an international relations degree from McGill University.


Languages: English, French, Spanish, basic Mandarin

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