Unlock performance, energy and potential by realizing strengths. 

A world leading strengths tool, R2 Strengths Profiler is changing the way we assess, develop, and leverage talent.


R2 is built from a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology and has been used by 70,000+ people around the world. Designed by Alex Linley and his team at Capp, R2 is used by leading organizations including Avery Dennison, Aviva, Oracle and Ernst & Young.


The R2 Strengths Profiler Model


R2 Strengths Profiler is the leading online strengths identification tool used to unlock the potential of individuals.

Through 180 questions, 60 strengths are accurately assessed according to three dimensions of Energy, Performance and Use – with each user receiving their unique, personalized R2 Profile, revealing their realized strengths, learned behaviors, weaknesses and unrealized strengths.


  • Unrealized Strengths are the things they find energizing and perform well, yet don’t use so often.


  • Realized Strengths are the things they find energizing, perform well, and use often.


  • Learned Behaviors are the things they have learned to do well, yet do not energize them.


  • Weaknesses are the things they find it hard to do well and find draining.

Volare's certified coaches support youth as they gain powerful insights and put them to use:


  • Marshal realized strengths – use them appropriately for important situations and contexts


  • Maximise unrealized strengths – find opportunities to use them more; harness untapped resources


  • Moderate learned behaviors – use them in moderation, when needed


  • Minimize weaknesses – use them as little as possible, only where necessary


  • Understand the powerful difference between skills you do well and your true strengths


  • Improve collaboration and successful outcomes


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