"I want to support teens in connecting to their passion and purpose, and use their gifts and talents in service of what they care most about in the world."


Executive Director, Co-Founder


As an educator, for 20 years Regina dedicated herself to the development of youth with strong character, confidence and conviction to do their best in the world. She received multiple recognitions as Teacher of the Year, including Character Education Teacher of the Year. Regina has spent the past decade in gifted education. She has taught hundreds of gifted children, led hundreds of teachers in Orange County, FL through their endorsement to become teachers of the gifted, and served parents and educators of the gifted through her speaking and writing independently and with organizations such as SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted).


Through her former business, Building Community with Character, Regina traveled the country training other teachers how to integrate character education with core curriculum for maximum impact on achievement and youth development. She also worked with PRL Associates of Syracuse, NY to develop and deliver character education to schools Central New York.


Regina is a a professional coach certified by the International Coach Federation, a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership program through CTI, and a trained mediator.


Regina knows that with schools today being so focused on test-driven data, it is essential more than ever  to give youth the opportunity to explore themselves to make meaningful decisions about their future. To Regina, Volare is the ultimate form of character education: connecting teens to their passion and purpose, guiding them in claiming their compelling purpose, and coaching them as they experiment with this leadership in their community. 

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