Personal Exploration.  Individualized Development.  True Partnership.

Experiential Workshops for Teens: Learn by discovery and exploration. Expand your understanding or yourself, your purpose, and your power. Collaborate with others like you who are wanting to develop to become their personal best and make a positive impact on the world.


Coaching: Personalized and small group coaching allow you to apply your learning directly to your life, gain clarity on what you want to create, make empowered choices, and get in action in service of living your best life today.


  • Coaching for Teens to integrate learning in daily experiences most meaningful to them and develop personal brand

  • Coaching for Parents to best support your teen and give them the balance of guidance and choice that they need

  • Coaching for Educators to plan effectively, give guidance and support to developing students


Community Programs: Schools and organizations who want to bring the Volare difference to life for their community engage in experiential workshops, small group and individual coaching over a period of several months. In this time, teams of emerging leaders receive exponential benefit not only for themselves, but for the community they are a part of.


Parent/Educator Support: In-service workshops, webinars, and personalized coaching in service of experiencing the Volare difference firsthand, and making resonant choices on how to communicate with, support, and create environments that empower the emerging leaders you are dedicated to.

True partnership: our number one service.
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